O is for Orpington

This is a beloved breed.

O for orpington


No one gets Orpingtons for their egg laying prowess. They provide a few eggs a week, unless they’re broody, or too hot, or too cold. Then they don’t lay any. But, their looks and personality make them one of the most popular backyard breeds. I like to say that the Orpington is the Golden Retriever of the chicken world. Pretty. Friendly. Easy going. But, I guess that back in the day, they were known as a meat bird.

orpington poem


I’ve lucked out because my Buff Orpington, Amber, is the rare one that doesn’t go broody and who lays steadily during the season. She’s a tolerant hen that I take on school visits. Tell me about your Orpington!


  1. One of my Orpingtons is nice and one is naughty, one lays ok and the other is grumpy so we call her Crabby Patty and she is always broody, right now she wants to set again! They are beautiful, and everyone who sees them says that!

  2. We have 3 Orpingtons. Our favorite is Loosey. Named such because when she was younger she found a way to get loose most mornings so she could lay an egg on a padded chair on our porch. Since she was a chick she has been the friendliest chicken! We lucked out and none of the three have ever been broody. I did have a broody Leghorn this year though. Go figure!

  3. I have a Blue Orpington hen.She is one of my original 4 hens brought home in Oct. 2012 as ready to lay pullets. Although she is truly beautiful when fully feathered she is a very late moulter(half-way through now), and a very poor layer as my hens go. She was almost 10 mos. old before she started to lay and then her eggs have continued to be only medium sized, but always have a nice hard shell. She has the sharpest beak.. and looks kind of evil. For attention she will peck the leg of anyone near-by. She is shy though and has remained close to the bottom of the pecking order despite several new additions to the flock. June has not gone broody but she tries to sneak into a nesting box to sleep most eves when she is moulting. Despite her oddities, she is a valued member of the flock!

  4. i have 1 Buff Orphington. She is the sweetest bird and has always been my only dependable egg layer. Even after her third year of laying she is just starting to show signs of slowing down.

  5. My favourite breed!
    I have three, buff(Peggy), red(Ruby) & lavender(Violet). Ruby lays the most beautiful large, brown eggs very frequently. The other two are on catch-up. :D