Be a Friend of HenCam!

A lot goes into keeping the HenCam running. There are web and cam hosting fees, and equipment to purchase and maintain. We put hours of thought and work into both the technology and the content. There’s also the time spent taking care of the animals that are the reason that HenCam exists. Your purchase of their treats is greatly appreciated and keeps the HenCam coming to you!

coffee_buttonCoffee for Terry

Take Terry out for a virtual cup of coffee!

More Coffee for Terry

Or, you can automatically buy Terry a cup of coffee every month, or even every week!

(This subscription can be stopped at any time on your PayPal subscriptions page.)

TonkaPeppermints for Tonka

Tonka shows his love of peppermints by sticking his tongue out.

hens with watermelonTreats for the Hens

Pumpkins or watermelon depending on the season!

PhoebeCarrots for Phoebe

Phoebe the rabbit gets one carrot each night at bedtime.

Lily and ScooterCheese Sticks for Lily and Scooter

When the dogs hear me unwrapping a cheese stick, they come running!

Caper and PipPeanuts for the Goats

Do the goats make you smile? Buy them some peanuts!

The BeastDried Shrimp for The Beast

Even The Beast appreciates something special to eat.

chocolateChocolate for IT Guy Steve

Repairs to this site often happen late at night. Keep Steve going with chocolate.