School/Library Visits

The Program:

My storytime combines reading Tillie Lays an Egg with learning about chickens. I begin by sharing information about chickens, like the fact that chickens take dust baths, not bathtub baths. I also talk about egg laying and show examples of eggs from different breeds of chickens. I then read Tillie Lays an Egg. Looking at the last page of the book, with Tillie in the pickup truck, I ask, “If you were to write a story, where would Tillie go next?” Teachers like this because they can fit it into their curriculum. I enjoy it because the suggestions are often quite funny! (My Teacher’s Page has additional ideas for how to use Tillie Lays an Egg in the classroom.) At the end, I bring out a real, live chicken! I talk about feathers and teach how to pet a bird. Each child is invited to take a turn stroking a gentle hen. (This chicken is not Tillie, but is one of her friends.)

This program is appropriate for pre-K through grade 2. I also offer two other programs for older children. One focuses on the science of chickens. The other is a writing workshop. I can customize these for the classroom’s curriculum.

Program Details and Fees:

I prefer to do my program for individual classes, however, I can accommodate up to 45 children in each half-hour program. The first 1/2 hour program costs $100. I am happy to do two back-to-back programs. The second session is $75.

There is no travel charge for visits within 30 miles of my home in Carlisle, MA. Please inquire about fees for travel further afield.

If the visit requires a long drive, or if there are more than two classroom visits scheduled, the school will have a choice of either a half or a full-day visit. I will bring a hen on day trips, but do not take her on overnights!

A half-day is three hours, with up to 4 presentations. Presentations are limited to groups of 45 or fewer children at a time. The half-day fee is $400. A full-day visit is 5 hours, with up 6 presentations, and costs $800. An overnight charge is applied to long-distance trips for which a hotel stay is a necessity.

Payment is due on the day of the event.

Skype Visits:

My backyard and barns are wired for WiFi, so it doesn’t matter where your school is, my animals and I can visit you! For this program, I ask that you read Tillie Lays an Egg before the visit. Have the class come up with about 15 questions to ask me. During the half-hour Skype visit, I’ll walk around the barns with my iPad, and answer the questions. The kids especially like to see The Beast (my gigantic koi that is not visible on the cams) and watch the free-ranging hens run to me when I call them.  I am offering this program at an introductory fee of $75. Payment is due in advance by check or via PayPal. If the school arranges for book sales through Scholastic, I will personalize and sign bookplates and mail them to your school.

Book Sales:

Some schools arrange to have advance sales through a local bookseller. If that isn’t feasible, the schools can go through Scholastic Special sales to purchase the books at a discount, or, I can supply the books at retail. Either way, I will personalize and sign for each buyer. A flyer will be supplied so that parents can purchase books before my arrival.

Teacher’s Page:

Tillie Lays an Egg can fit into your curriculum in so many ways. Here’s a page with ideas that will help you to enrich the reading experience. Also, here’s a list of children’s books about chickens.

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