1. Honestly, I couldn’t even attempt to rewrite it. For what I think of eggs, they have it well covered. Jp

  2. I think Bilbo from the Hobbit said it BEST
    ” a box without hinges, key or lid
    yet golden treasure inside hid”


  3. E is for Easter Egger
    With beautiful feathers that sheen,
    But the best part of all
    Are eggs that are blue or green.

  4. Ok poem not riddle

    brown or white
    they are a delight
    boiled or fried
    they must be tried
    breakfast, lunch or dinner
    it’s clear EGGS are a winner

  5. I don’t profess to being a poet but just add these lines to the end of the original poem.

    So pretty and yummy, the blue eggs I’ve seen.
    And just as delicious as eggs that are green.