D is for Dorking

Today is brought to you by the letter D.


Dorking poem

I don’t have any Dorkings, but I do have a Delaware.

D is for Delaware
So placid and calm
Big light brown eggs she lays
that fit in my palm

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  1. I like your tribute to Opal, Terry. :-)

    Here’s another ditty for D:

    D is for Dominique
    A breed whose heritage is unique:
    Claimant to title “America’s first breed”,
    Developed in New England, early 19th century.
    Good layers and good mothers,
    Some more flighty than others,
    Robust and cold hardy and early to mature,
    A heritage breed that is sure to endure.

  2. D is for dreaming

    I only have Buckeyes
    don’t get me wrong
    for they are strong
    but more breeds would have me beaming

  3. D is for Dinner

    Cooking my chickens
    will not be their fate
    For the eggs that they gift me
    are the best i have ate!

  4. Even though my poetic skills are lacking, this is a great series. Such fun to read.

  5. I’m one day late, but our Delaware was not placid and calm, RIP Miss D!

    D is for Miss Delaware 2011
    Our transgender hen
    So big and so bold
    An egg-laying gal
    Who crowed and crowed