Tattooed Eggs

Quite awhile ago, I clipped an article from a magazine about how to decorate eggs with temporary tattoos. I’m not one for fussy or elaborate displays. I think that backyard eggs are beautiful just as they are, and that a basket of them needs no adornment. But, recently, I came across a company that makes the most gorgeous (and whimsical and artful) tattoos, and I knew that it was time to finally time to try this project.

I used their butterfly tatts. They’re very simple to attach. Just press a tattoo against the egg and wipe with a wet towel.

in cups


They looked so beautiful and cheerful in my egg cups. But, then I thought about a better place for the butterflies.



Now, despite the snow outside, I have a bit of summer inside of my house.

in leaves

For how to blow out eggs, read this blog post.

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  1. Thanks for the great idea. Will be doing this with the nieces and nephew. Beautiful!

  2. Great idea, very pretty! I like the idea of no mess with dyes or paint. I want to learn to blow eggs my sister has done it before but I never have.

  3. Very beautiful! Nice find.
    When I was a kid, the Easter egg kits always included those, only they were called “decals”, and they were not very artistic. I guess customers complained that they were easily torn, because around 1986 the kits came with stickers instead, which didn’t look as good as the decals since they weren’t translucent.
    (Hmm, now I’m thinking about dyeing eggs this year…I guess you’re never too old to enjoy dyeing eggs!)

  4. Not sure if it’s the same product, but you can buy water slide decal paper and print up your own designs-! The paper is pretty expensive though…

  5. Well Terry, how in this world are you keeping a Boston Fern looking so full and healthy in these winter months? The eggs are beautiful and whimsical. Just the right touch in the house plants. You are very creative. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    • I usually have a black thumb with indoor plants, but that one is in a north-facing window, in the dining room. Usually I don’t water enough, but this one I dump my leftover tea in.

  6. Thanks for all your shares. I grew up in a small rural town in West Virginia, near Wheeling, on the Ohio River. Girl Scouts was a very active organization in the 1950s and 1960s. It was at Girl Scout meetings where I learned about blowing eggs and using them for decorations, but after all these years, I’d forgotten how to blow eggs. I was never good at it but maaged to empty them so the shells could be intact and used for Easter Egg trees, etc. On another subject, if all of us had Buffy’s good attitude,, what a better world this would be. I love that hen..
    Have a good day.