Chicken Cookies

My friend, Lauren Scheuer, has just had a book published!


She’ll be doing a book signing at the Concord Bookshop, in Concord, MA, which is right around the corner from me. Of course, I’ll be there. And I’m bringing cookies! A drab March day is a good day to make cookies. Of course, for a chicken event I needed to make chicken cookies. I used a classic sugar cookie recipe (I’ll post it another day!) to make these:

Cinnamon Sugar Chicken Cookies

I have a selection of cookie cutters. I have new ones and vintage ones. My favorite is the small hen in the center of this photo. I found it at a flea market, and I’ve never seen another. That odd rooster cutter on the bottom left looks like a naked-neck! I wonder if the maker of that cutter had ever seen a real chicken. The larger, old-fashioned hen is a classic, although I wish that she had a comb.

cookie cutters

Clearly, there’s room for another cookie cutter in this collection. Perhaps I need this one, too?

I hope to see you on March 21 at 7 pm at the bookshop!


  1. Your friend will just LOVE these handmade cookies! So thoughtful of you! I’m a wee bit far away, but will be thinking of you and sending over my best wishes for her success!

  2. And I think you should get the other hen cookie cutter.So cute!

  3. Thank you for baking up some treats for my book-signing, Terry — Can’t wait to taste another of your creations!
    And those marvelous cookie cutters.. when they’re not busy cutting cookies they should be hanging on a wall!

  4. LOL! That naked-neck cookie cutter is dual purpose: a rooster in the spring, and a turkey in the fall! Maybe the designer got chickens and turkeys mixed up…

    Reminds me of a story about my brother-in-law. Upon seeing some geese, he said in an astonished tone: “Those are some big ___ ducks!”

  5. I just love Lauren’s illustrations…in Canada we have to wait until March 19th to get Once Upon a Flock..looking forward to it!

  6. Oh my gosh. I have that same small hen cutter. It was my grandmothers!