I do love old egg baskets. So, when I stopped at an antique coop on Saturday, and spied a wire basket that I didn’t yet have in my collection, I couldn’t resist. I have one of this style, but not of this size!

The vintage basket that I use daily is on the right. The new, super-sized basket is on the left.


Of all of my baskets, I think that this style is the most practical. The little feet on the bottom keep the eggs from smashing if I set the basket down too quickly (as I have done, and have had broken eggs to show for my carelessness.) The shape keeps the eggs securely in the basket, even if it tips, or a dog knocks it as I walk (again, spoken from experience!) The handle is comfortable and secure. All in all, a design that is both beautiful and functional.

But, perhaps I am being a tad too optimistic thinking that my new basket will be useful in the barn? The four eggs a day that I’m currently collecting would roll around in it and crack. So, I have brought the basket inside to display the eggs that I have blown out. They used to fill a bowl in the dining room. That basket is so large that now it looks like a small collection.


This is a cabinet in my entry hall. It’s a seed chest from a southern hardware store. Perhaps in years past it held a similar basket, holding eggs for sale.


  1. I think I have 15 in my collection “so far.” My favorite is very similar to the one you have been using.

  2. I love old things too…..And lucky for me my husband is great at finding treasures at the` SSI mall.`That is code for the dump. There are no malls as such here..too small a place. One of my latest treasures is a beautiful print of 3 chickens that is hanging in our dining room. He acquired all the siding for our coop from the same place. I sure do like that guard chicken on your beautiful hallway chest. I will hope Mike finds one for us.

    • We have a trash “transfer station” but there’s a swap shed for useful things that people throw out. I’ve gotten bunny hutches there!

  3. Love your wire baskets!
    I use a little wicker basket I’ve had since I was about 6 years old (which means I’ve enjoyed it’s usefulness for 50 years!!!) I used to take it blackberry picking with my gran… Ah! Happy memories!
    Every one of your vintage finds could probably tell a story or twenty!

  4. Terri~~ I THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the knowledge you have an enlightened us with just looking at the basics of obvious things that might not be going so good…..my baby’s is doing fine and we are getting3-4 eggs a day from our hens……her ‘Boo-boo….. on her foot has scarred up and now to make her feet look pretty thanx so much for your input…. I might paint her toenails—–KIDDING……only sousxsie could pull that off!!!.

  5. I’d love to find one of those. I saw an old one somewhere and they wanted a bundle for it, out of my $$$ range…

  6. You got me using my “display” egg basket out in the real world and I like it! That cabinet at first glance looked like an old card catalog! The display is adorable.

  7. Oh my Terry! I think I would love the inside of your home -just look how interesting the entrance is!

  8. i have an egg basket in the shape and size of a hen i would like to post a picture of it but i need an email add.
    would anyone be interested?

    • Hi Norman, I, too have a basket in the shape of a hen. A fun item in a collection! You can send me an email with a photo of yours. Just click on the “contact Terry” icon at the bottom of this page and that links right to email.