Lily is Twelve

On Monday it was Lily’s twelfth birthday. The sun was out. She got to spend the morning in a favorite place, the porch outside of my office. There she has a panoramic view of the road and the woods. It’s the perfect place for an alert dog to keep an eye on things, but to still have me in sight.

S and L


Scooter stayed indoors in a patch of warm sun. It was a good day for both of them.




  1. Lovely pic’s. Lily’s ears are in radar mode. Great to see your temp’s are coming up at last and the snow receding.
    Have a Happy Easter Weekend, will Phoebe’s be the Easter Bunny !! :)

  2. I can feel her bliss….fresh air to breath in, sunshine on the back, and the sounds of nature which are true background music for the ears. :)

  3. Can you imagine the joy of the warm sun, ears cocked, nose up, relishing every sound, sight, and smell of Spring. Good time of year for a birthday! Of course the trusty pal taking in the show from the comfort of his sunspot. Two for the road! Have a wonderful weekend.