A Reading Rabbit

There’s something about old wind-up toys – the complex animal ones, with the quirky details – that make me smile and feel that silly happy feeling. Here’s one for Easter:

easter bunny


It’s a bookish rabbit, and look, this dapper fellow is reading about a hen!

bunny reading


He’s for sale at a store that also makes me happy, Nesting. Thank goodness for indie retail shops that reflect the tastes and quirks of their owners. Nesting has a mix of old and new, but it’s all curated with an eye to the beautiful and/or whimsical. Do you have a favorite shop that deserves a shout-out?

Happy Easter everyone! (My springtime celebration entails a seder for friends later in the week.)




  1. Good a.m. Terry. I hope I am wrong but it appears that Twiggy is lying in a nesting box and has not moved at all for a few mins. This is the only way I could message you.

  2. Please disregard….She is now lifting her head and moving. I swear she looked dead when I last looked. Sorry!

  3. Happy Easter Terry, Steve, and sons, and all the extended family. I have a wind-up Rabbit mine is beating a drum, it is very old but has survived 6 grandkids, shows toys were built to last back then !!.
    I love looking round what I call old curiosity shops full of all sorts of things, I can spend ages just browsing, but they are getting few and far between :(

  4. I tend toward thrift shops, where I get a kick out of seeing items that used to be ubiquitous and are now forgotten.

    Here in the San Fernando Valley times haven’t been good for toy stores. My favorite, called Creative Play Resources, closed about ten years ago. It was one of those places where you could count on getting a colorful, stimulating, low-tech toy such as a kazoo or a cute set of watercolors. Fortunately my favorite health food store, Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park, has a counter devoted to those kinds toys- what a life-saver! :^)

  5. Nesting is also one of my favorite spots, Terry. I am glad that you mentioned that wonderful little store here!