The Big Apple Circus

The Big Apple Circus is my happy place. Every April, it sets up it’s big top in Boston. The clown is gentle and funny, the acts are astounding, there’s a live band, and there are performing animals – done right. The species used – rabbits, dogs, goats – can be properly cared for in the traveling circus environment. In fact, they seem to thrive on the close contact and relationship with their people.

These were the most relaxed and content camels I’ve ever seen. Granted, I’m not a camel expert, but I’ve seen surly camels. These two plodded along, their lips relaxed. They didn’t have to do any spectacular tricks to impress the audience. Padding along on their big soft feet was enough.




The goats, though, did have a few tricks to do.

Goat trick



Perhaps Pip and Caper need a couple of mini horses to ride on?

goats on ponies



(Note Jenny Vidbel’s costume. Very clever. Multiple pockets were hidden in the folds, each filled with appropriated treats for each species.)

This circus is a rarity. I don’t like seeing big cat acts, or side-shows with rare and “dangerous” animals. But, how nice that the children (and we adults) in the audience could get a whiff of camel, hear the snort of a horse, and see a couple of silly goats.


  1. Now this is the kind of circus I would love to take my granddaughter to see. Where the animals are treated kindly and with respect. I took my daughters to the circus once and they never wanted to go back. The clowns were scary and the mistreatment of animals upset them. I had to agree with them and we never returned to another circus.

  2. I fully agree with the above statements. In UK the government promised a ban on the use of all wild animals in circus’s by 2015, but they keep stalling and now we are not sure what is happening :(

    • I have just been reading their website via the link and they do really care and worry about their animals, wonderful to see :)

  3. Terry, have you met Joshua the camel at Lilac Hedge Farm in Berlin, MA? He is the sweetest camel I have ever met. I would swear that he smiles back at you when you chat with him. The url in the web site above is for a photo of my husband and Joshua.

  4. I too will not attend a circus with big cats or elephants. The treatment of elephants in circuses is criminal in my mind.

  5. We got to see a similarly impressive circus here, from Mexico, when my husband was given tickets after he did some vet work on the zebras and camels. Several vets warned my husband that zebras are the most dangerous animal he will ever work on, but the handler of these zebras knew his charges and they clearly trusted him. It was great to see.