The Rabbit’s Tunnel

Phoebe is the only one this morning who was happy to see a dusting of new snow on the ground. But, even with this icy precipitation coming down, even Phoebe has to accept that this winter is almost over.

For awhile she was Queen of the Mountain.

Queen of the hill



With persistence and hard work, Phoebe dug out a tunnel.

long tunnel



Last week the snow pile melted and the roof to the tunnel disappeared.

fence view


It was still a good place to gaze at the world. Her place.

gazing out



But, the rain of the last few days has washed away most of the snow.. Now it’s just a muddy path that the goats can see.

no tunnel


Phoebe would rather stay in her dry and cozy den inside under the nesting boxes, where I’m sure she’s plotting what to do when the ground warms and dries out. Dirt tunnel season.


  1. More snow! You guys are really getting slammed this year. I hope a dusting is all you get. Our daffys and crocus are coming up in a hurry and trees/shrubs are budding now that we’ve had a whole week above freezing and actually warm. (Till this weekend. Snort.) Are you seeing any signs of life yet? Or is mother nature holding back?

  2. Poor Phoebe’s, she can only dream of what a wonderful winter she had ! I hope it doesn’t get hot to quickly or she will not be happy. We have had a week of quite hot sun and ‘Blondie’ my Buff Sussex has already gone broody !!

  3. We all need a place of our own. Plot away, Phoebe!

  4. Phoebe is such a character. I often notice when the chickens are outside she is in. As you say, she doesn’t really like the mud. Never fear Phoebe, winter will return and snow tunnels will again be the norm.

  5. Phoebe finally came to the “End of the Tunnel”! I like the idea she is thinking of her next adventure!