They’ll Be Sleeping

Yesterday I had a root canal done, which required me to be sedated. After coming back from the dentist, I spent the rest of the day sleeping. Scooter was ecstatic. Napping on the couch is what he does all day, and he had a buddy! Lily was worried, my behavior was not normal. She doesn’t like it when things aren’t normal.

Scooter and Lily


Today I’m packing for a trip to an animal training conference – Clicker Expo. The flight out is tonight. Lily knows what a suitcase means. She tells me how she feels about it.



Once I’ve headed out the door, she’ll do what she always does when I’m gone. She’ll sleep. It’s the joke in the family. When I arrive back home, even after just a day away, my son will ask, “Guess what Lily did today?” over Lily’s barking, her zoomies, and her nudges for attention. “What?” I ask. “She slept!”

There’s a store at the conference, and I know that it sells excellent treats and bones. I’ll get something for Lily, who will surely be bursting with energy after her long weekend nap. Yes, I’ll get something for Scooter too, just because.


  1. Glad all went well and you’re up and about, animals only like ‘normal’ anything out of the ordinary throws them. Have a safe flight and a good journey, everyone will be awaiting your return :)

  2. I had a cat that whenever any of us would get out a suitcase or bag and start packing would jump into the offending article and pee on our clothes. Someone would always have to stand guard while we packed. :D

    And, curiosity question, what kind of bones do you give your dogs?

  3. I have three dogs, two Goldens and Husky Mix, they are always anxious when they think I am leaving for more than my usual day at work. I find if we are out for the day on a Saturday or Sunday, they won’t drink any water until we return. It is as if they are worried the water will run out. But as soon as I walk through the door, they all three run to the water dish. Dogs – life with them is wonderful. Have a great time.


  4. Dogs are amazing. Just like Lily my Lulu knows what the suitcase means. She hates it. She barks at it and bites at the corner.
    While I’m gone I’m told she lays on the foyer rug the entire time waiting for my return. Good thing is Lulu wouldn’t dare miss a meal so she does eat, drink and potty as usual.

  5. “Because”, indeed. :)

    (P.S. Hope your teefies feel better.)

  6. My Boston Terrier Maggie will actually get in and sit in my suitcase if I’m packing to go somewhere. Most of the time she goes with me anyway but she never quite believes it while I’m packing.

    • I have a number of readers with Boston Terriers. I wonder if chicken people in particular gravitate to that breed :)

      • Good question. Terry as know I’m one of those readers. I rescued Lulu when she was a year old. I can’t believe she just turned 10.
        I never had a Boston or knew of anyone who did. I was looking to get another dog after my Scooter died and I took my time in doing so.
        Then one day, boom there she was staring at me on a rescue group web site. Somehow I knew she was mine.
        Boy did the rescue group make me jump through hoops to get her. Honestly in any other type of consumer transaction I would have told these people to go take a flying leap shortly into the “transaction”. They went a bit over board in my humble opinion.
        I will say this my next dog will be another Boston, do doubt about it.
        I’ve been told by my vet (who has 5 Boston’s) that my Lulu is the norm of the breed. Personality, smarts, love of people (kids especially), devotion and not huge barkers. I love the barking part. When Lulu barks then there is reason for me to investigate. My Skip on the other hand it is probably just a leaf blowing across the hard, no sense.