On Instagram

My son suggested that I post photos on Instagram. I balked at joining yet “another social media platform” (his words). I’ve tried Twitter. It’s not my thing. I do FaceBook because it’s how many of you stay in touch. Blogging suits me. I’d rather keep my posts to that alone, but he said I’d like Instagram, so I’m giving it a try. Rather like in the Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham, I resisted mightily (I do not like Instagram, I do not like it, Sam I Am) only to find out, I do like Instagram. At least, I like it the way I’m using it. I’m doing an animal photo a day, under the hashtag #hencamdailyanimal. This gives me an excuse to do what I love the most, observing my animals and capturing a moment in time with them. Here is what I’ve posted so far.

Scooter waits for the snow to melt.




Lily waits for the snow to melt.




It’s mud season. Apparent on Pip’s nose.

dirty nosed goat



This is the best view in the world.

best view


You can find me on Instagram at HenCam.


  1. Great pictures, but where are the girls !! Will you still be doing your blogs ?

  2. Scooter has that look like I have had enough of winter already. While Lily spends her time dreaming of when the grass will be green again. I have a facebook page but do really fight the social media thing. Like you, I find twitter to be pretty silly. Keep those pictures coming. Visiting you and your animals is such a highlight of my day.

  3. Thanks Terry, had me worried there I only just cope with your site. IT and I are not great bed fellows, could not cope with anything else, I am definitely not a silver surfer nor do I wish to be :)

  4. You should have seen the hoops my daughter had to jump through while at college to get me to start up my blog. In the end, guilt worked. (We forgot to let her know a milestone her brother passed. Bad mommy!) I’m currently doing a mushroom kit photo every day. :D I still have not approached Facebook. Ugh. It’s that ‘one more thing’ ya know? Forget Twitter. And Instagram? I dunno….

    Luuvvv your critter pics!

  5. I was on Facebook for a while and had an awful time getting off. I never posted anything and I kept getting emails about people who wanted to be friends. Didn’t recognize half the names. Finally got off. Never again!!! Instagram? I agree with Robin – I dunno…..

  6. Awesome picture of Scooter! What an expression, I think the word to describe it is soulful. (I had to look that up on the Mac Dictionary program…and I’m still not sure if that’s what I mean.)

    I’m with Carolyn on Facebook, although I chickened out (heh!) of quitting completely. I found it disappointing…more for people sharing pictures of their kids. It’s nice to meet with folks commenting on HenBlog, since we all have this common interest! :^)

  7. Sorry I know I am not IT savvy, but I still believe nothing beats a good old fashioned Phone Call. I have my Grandkids 4 days a week so my Son & 2 Daughters can work, but on the other days they always touch base with a quick call, I find this very reassuring and a far nicer way to tell a problem or event, ( more private if that makes sense ) :)

  8. Also agree with Suzanne, HenBlog is different, would be a sad day if not around. Thankyou Terry :)

  9. Facebook is sort of like peoples own website for bragging, the way I’ve seen it used. Nice pictures, Terry ^_^