T is for Turkey

T for Turkey


There are wild turkeys that are clever and fast and roam the woods here in packs that even my farm dog Lily doesn’t dare tussle with.

There are the commercial white turkeys that have breasts so heavy that they can barely waddle and, truly, are dumb as doorknobs.

And then there are the heritage breeds of turkeys that are tamer than their wild cousins but still retain wiles, beauty and athleticism. I hear that they are personable. I haven’t kept turkeys. Have you? Tell me about them.

T poem


  1. LOL, dumb as door knobs. It is true. I raised a couple numerous years ago and boy was I glad to send them to the dinner table.
    I’ve also raised Royal Palms. A beautiful bird. I rate them second to hens in beauty as they forage around.
    I had a three hens and a gobbler. They use to roost on top of the coop every night.

    As far as wild turkeys most not familiar with them are amazed when they see one fly. If you want a scare that may cause one to pee ones pants surprise a flock of wild turkeys. The racket they make when a whole flock takes to the air is enough to make ones heart stop.

    • LOL. I prefer that to having a grouse explode out from under my feet into my face! Talk about a heart attack!