S is for Speckled Sussex

If you’ve been reading my blog for the last few years (who’s been with me since May 2006 when I wrote my first post?) then you know that of all of the hens that I’ve had in that time, that there were a few standout characters. Lulu was one of them. She was a Speckled Sussex. Agatha is another. Also a Speckled Sussex. In my experience, this breed is full of unique individuals. Personable, curious, and a tad different. Besides, who can resist a polka-dotted bird? But, then, I’m a bit biased towards the breed.

S for Speckled Sussex


The poem, though, doesn’t ring true. My Speckled Sussex hens lay beige eggs, not white.

S poem


  1. We had a speckled Sussex name The Queen. She was a lovely bird. She was very friendly and we miss her. Our next batch of birds will include another Sussex.

  2. We had a Sussex as well, her name from Lucky :). Unfortunately her luck ran out just after Christmas (at 3yrs old she was too young to go). We miss her terribly, but I have to agree that her personality was super super superb! And she was the best “Queen of the roost”.

  3. Our SS have been rather mean and haven’t laid well. Beige eggs, yes; beautiful birds, yes. They are heavy-looking, but I’m a vegetarian, so have no interest in eating them.

    • I do believe that temperament often depends on the hatchery. Sometimes a personality type is developed – not on purpose. Looks like you got the mean strain!

  4. Glad you mentioned that bit about egg colour … Bronwyn, my Speckled Sussex, just started laying on January 3, and her eggs are a dark beige. As of January 6, she’s laid 3 eggs, so has only missed one day so far. And we are in a deep freeze here at the moment. I think that I lucked out in the egg production department. So far. She has been very slow to mature though; she should have started laying in October.
    She’s the girl that always comes up to me and has something to say (quite loudly, I might add) when I open up the coop and bring the girls some fermented grains in the morning. Because it’s so early and I don’t want her to disturb the neighbours, I tell her “Shhh!”. And she stops talking! At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but it’s not: She stops talking every time she hears me say “Shhh!”. None of the other girls miss a beat when they hear “Shhh!”; they just carry on chatting.

  5. After seeing your lovely girls this breed is on the top of my wish list for the next time I am ready to purchase more hens.