U is for Utility

At one time most people kept utility birds. They were thrifty, hardy chickens that did well scratching around a barnyard. No one went to the expense of buying feed for them. They brooded their chicks so the farmer would always have a few new birds each year. They weren’t particularly productive – I’ve read accounts that they laid only 90 eggs per year – but they were inexpensive to get and to keep.




I think that the illustrated hen is beautiful, so I quite disagree with the poem!


  1. The only one I have that could be, in a wild stretch of the imagination, considered a utility bird is my Easter Egger, Henny Penny. I don’t know what mix of breeds she might be but she laid 100 beautiful blue eggs last year and she is our best forager. And she is a lovely looking bird so I don’t agree with that part of the poem.

  2. That describes what I’m wanting, but I like the idea of having more eggs.