R is for Rhode Island Red

Most people have had at least one or two of these in their flock.

R for Rhode Island Red

They are vigorous foragers and are dominant over meeker breeds. They’re best kept in a situation with a lot of room to roam. You’ll have pecking order problems if kept in typical small backyard confinement.

But, they are sturdy, hardy chickens that lay big brown eggs consistently throughout the season. Mine have never gone broody. Yours?

R poem


  1. My Rhodie layed well, but didn’t live past 2 years, and didn’t do well in the pecking order. When you say they don’t do well in confinement is probably what was wrong, she always seemed stressed…I miss her beautiful eggs…

  2. these were “my” birds when we lived on our farm. apparently (and at the time i didn’t know this) they had the ideal life for a r.i.red chicken. they had a rooster, they had unlimited roaming privileges and they did do beautifully as i remember.later, i sold them to a young couple, newly married, and only changed territories – still got free-roam rights. included.
    later, i lost touch, so i don’t know what the rest of their lives amounted to. nice to be reminded of them, thanks, teri

  3. Now that you mention it I don’t believe I have ever had a RI Red go broody.

  4. I have a New Hampshire red. She is my best layer and was top of the order until a scuffle with one of my glw. We had to put her in a time out for 2 days back when she was about 18 mos. Now she is number two and much better behaved. She has never gone broody. She follows my everywhere and waits at the back door for me. She will be 3 in March.