Working Dogs

As I wrote about yesterday, when the weather turns, there are additional chores to do in the coops.

But for some of us here, it appears as if winter brings fewer duties.

working dogs


These days, my dogs’ main job is looking out of my office door. Well, Lily does. Scooter doesn’t bother to watch for UPS trucks, deer and coyote. Scooter leaves that to Lily.  However, they both work at keeping me company while I write. Good job, dogs!

dogs on bed


  1. adorable, they look so comfy. My nikt wit great dane is on the couch. I love her but she ate a whole pound of grated romano cheese off the counter yesterday, Never a dull moment with my Storm!!

  2. My Jake lost his battle with cancer a couple of weeks back. So I no longer have someone to warm my feet or snuggle next to me on the couch. It’s depressing. I miss him. I do have my cats, but they are more about lying on the computer or my book to stop me and get attention than keeping me company. :(