Another Awkward Cat Photo

Here’s another vintage cat photo. This time the cat is full of feline aplomb. However, the boy, all readied for the camera with slicked hair and his nicest overalls, is caught at that awkward “stand still and look at me” moment. I’m guessing that the photographer was in a hurry to snap this image before the cat decided to leave and the boy had had enough -hence the framing of the shot with more wall and ceiling than boy and cat!

cat photo


  1. Wonder what that little “do-dad” by the cat is? Egg cup? Very nice ceiling.

  2. Or they could have taken pictures like my late mother did. Always off centered, too high or too low. It was the joke of the family.

  3. Actually I like the way it’s framed. Zooming out to see the whole photo, it looks balanced. And it’s a nice documentation of real-life proportions: a little boy and a cat in a big person’s house.

  4. I had a lot of questions come up about this photo. Was the chair shoved in the doorway to get it out of the way or to keep the boy from bolting? :D Then I actually looked at the chair. It is sooo low to the ground and the boy appears to be standing. The table isn’t wide enough for big people. And behind the rug under the table is something that looks -exactly- like the heating grates we had in a hundred plus year old farmhouse I once lived in. No one would sit right on that. Was the table pulled to that corner by the door for the pic or is it a work table of some sort kept near the heat? Questions, questions! :) (And, oh, I remember those baseboards, too. Wiped them down enough times. It must have been the ‘thing’ for the time period.)

  5. love this! my boy says that the egg cup looking doodad could be a yo yo!