Lily is a Working Dog

Yesterday I joked about how hard my dogs work. This is Lily at 8 am this morning, letting me know that a coyote had the gall to trit-trot through the meadow across the street.

lily working

I know my dog well. This is not a here comes the FedEx truck stance, nor the I hate those Vizslas alarm. This is a predator alert. I had to look for a minute before I, too, could see the coyote weaving through the stand of pine trees. But, look I did, because I trust my dog.

Good Girl, Lily!


  1. Good dog, Lily! Isn’t that amazing that she could tell that a coyote was out there?

    • Yes! Through an insulated door, so she surely didn’t hear anything. The coyote was 1000+ feet away, hidden in the pines. My alert dog.

  2. Ugh. Coyotes. Awhile back, when our elderly neighbors became crazy cat people, we had a few coming through here for snacks. Yuk. Go Lily!

  3. “I hate those Vizlas”-are those hungarian hunting dogs? The name is correct like this:
    Vizsla. I am origine hungarian:)

    • Yes, those are the dogs. I’ll have to correct my spelling. Thank you! When Lily was a puppy a neighbor was walking his two Vizslas off-leash, and one pinned Lily down and badly scared her. Ever since, she hates Vizslas.

  4. The neighborhood crows let me know if something is active in the woods and wetland behind our house. If they are extremely loud, chances are there is a coyote, owl or hawk about. I wonder if the chickens pay attention to the alarm call of crows and take cover accordingly?