M is for Minorca

Here’s another breed that I’m not familiar with.


But she looks enough like a leghorn to have me intrigued. I have a number of books on chicken breeds, and the one that’s been helping me the most on the alphabetic journey through chickendom has been Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds. If you’re mulling over which chickens to get for 2015, this is the book to peruse.

The Minorca, like my favorite Leghorn, is a Mediterranean breed, which means it is sleek and fast, early to mature, and a prolific layer. The Minorca isn’t for everyone – that floppy comb is susceptible to frostbite (dry air and good ventilation is the key in cold climates) and she will need plenty of room to roam. But, wouldn’t it be grand to have a flock of white Leghorns and black Minorcas? What a sight that would be!

minorca poem


  1. Yes, that would be a beautiful flock. I don’t have enough room to entertain the idea so will have to stick with less flighty hens.

  2. I’ve had them before. The comb in the ones I’ve had is much bigger and floppier than a white leghorn. I had both the buff and black.

    I sure do miss my chicken buddy. The one I would piggy back on her order so I could try all the different breeds. 25 is simple too many and the one time I did order 25 from the hatchery the silly goofs at the post office actually put the chicks on the truck to deliver to my home instead of calling me to pick up. “please call for pick up” was on all four sides of the box and the top.
    And yes it was the coldest day on record for that April day and I don’t have mail delivered until around 3:30.

  3. Don’t know if you know, but your video feed is flashing on and off, picture to grey and back. And sometimes the grey has the outline of one of the chickens in it. My IT guy rebooted everything here and said it is most likely on your end. Happy New Year! – sympathy extended.

      • Something funny was going on with the streaming feed. I’ve restarted the feed and all looks fine now. Thanks for the bug report!

        IT Guy at The HenCam

        • Your welcome! :D

          And I missed the girls coming in for the night again. *shakes head* I keep forgetting you’re like an hour and a half ahead of us, sun wise.