K is for Khaki Campbell

I have several friends who keep ducks, and the ducks that they love, love, love, are these.

K for Khaki campbell


People who keep these ducks go on and on about the antics and delightful personalities of these birds. Personally, if I’m at a holiday party, I’d much rather hear duck stories than political discourse. If you have ducks, please leave a comment, the more involved the story, the better! We could all use a bit of fun distraction in this lull between Christmas and New Years.

K poem


  1. I have added 3 call ducks, they get along fine with the chickens and are too cute. I am in love with them, They are so comical. They run around in straight lines, quacking all the time, my little girl has on occasion run up behind a chicken and grabbed her by butt feathers, not a good idea, lol, but the chickens have accepted these little pests as part of the group.

  2. I have one little Khaki Campbell hen. She is a very good layer, and so cute. She is very dark brown. I have her with a Welsh Harlequin, and an Indian Runner. Most of the year these 3 hens give me 2-3 eggs every day! In the winter, I usually get 1 a day. The eggs are all the same color, just different shapes. One is longer, one is rounder…. so I don’t know who lays the egg, when there is only one! They are very good eggs, and a favorite to the family that purchases eggs from me! It is a comical dozen eggs to observe— brown, white, and green chicken eggs, small , medium , large, and then these big duck eggs! Actually these little duck eggs are not much bigger than a good sized brown chicken egg! I am amazed at the differences in weight of these three breeds. The Indian Runner hardly weighs anything, the Khaki a little more, and the Welsh is much heavier. To see them they don’t look that much different in size!

  3. I kept a pair or white Pekins for many years. On occasion I would lose one and have to replace it with the same sex. One time during a very icy winter we lost our female and the male was just pineing away so we brought him into our basement and set up a large dog crate from our great dane and a large mirror on the outside of the crate. He thought the reflection of himself was another duck and it bought us some time until we could find him a mate.

    Another time, I. found myself in the same position needing an adult female as a mate for my male. I couldn’t find any locally but someone told me about a butcher in the Italian market in Philadelphia that sold all types of livestock.
    I drove into the city myself with two cardboard boxes because I didn’t know what size I would need. I arrived right before closing time and the butcher was anxious to leave. He had little patience with the customers. I got on the end of the line and ended up being the last customer he would leave in the shop. As I got to the front of the line he said to me “heads and feet”?. I said “yes I want heads and feet, this is a pet”. He disappeared into the back room and came back with both boxes containing a female duck. I only expected one but now I had a spare. I went to buy a pet and almost came home with dinner.

    I laughed all the way home. Those ducks gave us such joy.