J is for Japanese

These tobacco cards were printed right at the time when fancy chickens were a fad. Extravagant birds were at the height of their popularity. Like this chicken:




This bantam chicken was first developed in Japan in the 1600s, so it is a very, very old breed. As you can see, today’s poultry fanciers aren’t the first to create extremes in body stature and build. This bird is all about looks – wings on the ground, short legs, and a massive upright tail. Not cold or damp hardy, they can only go outside in good weather. Not a hen I’d want in my flock.

J poem


  1. My Belgian D’Anvers are in this category, they are an old breed but seem to be very hardy, no illness, no problems with the wet winters here, and lay very well during laying season, mild mannered, curious, they are my first step into cuteness, and probably my last, they eat very little and their eggs are generous for the size of the bird, the eggs are fun to boil and my grandchildren love them that way, one bite or two bites and they are gone….

    • I use small eggs like that as hors d’oeuvre – sprinkled with seasoned salts (recipe in the Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook.)

  2. I have to try that recipe, I have your book and the pie crust recipe is the best!