C is for Cochin

It’s no surprise that C is for Cochin. These cards were printed in England, where in the late 1800s there was something of a mania over them. Cochins remind me of fussy Victorian ladies in overblown finery. I always imagine that Cochins are nattering away in an upper crust British accent, like on Downton Abbey. (My friends in the UK can let me know which chickens they think walk with a wild west swagger!)

C cochin


C poem


What would you have used for C? Campine? Cornish Rock? More poems, please!

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  1. Where is everyone today? I was hoping to read some other ditties about chickens and am not impressed……:( Maybe tomorrow the D page will be full of contributions!

  2. The weekend before Christmas is often a busy time for folks. :-)

    A poet I’m not, but here goes anyway…

    C is for Chantecler
    The coldest winters they can bear.
    With cushion comb and thick loose coat,
    As a heritage breed they get my vote.
    Well-mannered and quiet with a disposition sweet,
    Having “Chanties” around is a rare treat.
    On the Critical list, so please spread the word:
    More breeders are needed to preserve this bird.

    • Wonderful! Thank you for mentioning the Critical List. Many domestic farm animal breeds are endangered. If any of my readers are looking for a gift for an animal lover, please consider giving a membership to the Livestock Conservancy. They do very important work!