B is for Bantam



In all of my years of chicken keeping, I’ve only kept two types of bantams – silkies and white leghorns. Any Sebright owners out there? Does the poem ring true?

B back


Note the typo – lav instead of lay.

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  1. No, that really is a Y, it’s just missing its descender. I suspect they used a flawed type block – back in the day when type was set by hand.

  2. In my experience, instead of “Sebrights so gay”, it should be written “Sebrights are Satan”… I can only speak for the cockerels, but he was horrible. I’ve heard from other people that sebrights aren’t really their favorite in the flock… not the friendliest personalities.

    • I’ve heard that from several people that have sebrights. Very pretty birds, but personality-wise … well, some are a bit bi-polar.

  3. B is for buckeye

    In their own yard they stay
    With the sheep they play
    And brown eggs they lay


  4. A is for Appenzeller

    With personality galore
    and striking head-dress to match
    they are a riot to raise
    from the time they first hatch

    Well you did ask….:)