Summer Plans

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, the official start of SUMMER. On Monday my little town will have its annual gathering, with a talk by a veteran, a moment of silence, and a flag raising (which my son will take part in along with several other Boy Scouts.)

Later, I’ll be riding to the state park with a friend. One of us will hold the horses, while the other gets something cold and delicious from the ice cream stand  – which happens to be in a real dairy barn. Do I live in a great town, or what?

Our schedules don’t allow for a vacation this summer, but maybe we’ll have time for a short getaway. Cape Cod isn’t too far. Perhaps we’ll stay somewhere cozy.

Cape Cod Cottage


Hmmm, maybe not that cozy.


Do you have summer plans? Do tell!


  1. Just got back from Maine and a much awaited visit to family and friends. Attended a wonderful Grange Supper…everyone should do the small town vacation! It refreshes the soul somehow. Went there a week early to beat the traffic and mayhem this weekend. Now, staying home and knitting and watching movies while others play do-si-so on the turnpikes :-}

      • There were home baked beans and yeast rolls, but also fresh roasted turkey, vats of hot gravy, stuffing, cranberries, peas and Harvard beets. And a huge selection of pies, some sugar free! I love the suppahs!

  2. Wow! So charming, but truly cozy. Looks like it could make a great coop, though. I enjoy hearing about your wonderful, small town. Enjoy your Memorial Day remembering the importance of it.

  3. my relatives operated a small resort on a good fishing river in illinois. they had about 10 cottages just like the one you showed. every spring uncle perc. would have to go out and tie them down – they would flood when the river did – and it always did. then, grandma had to go down and clean everything up and then every body was ready for summer.
    cute cottage – and thanks for the memories

  4. We are renting a state park cottage on a lake in northern Vermont in late July, with no phone or tv! Just quiet relaxation with our kayaks and a few good books.

  5. Our family cottage that was built by my Grampa along with my Dad and my Uncle in the early 1940`s, was not much bigger then that. It had one large room that held the wood stove in the center and one wall had a counter with a sink(no running water though…that was fetched from a well), and some open shelving. The far side housed a small table and chairs and a double bed. There was a tiny bedroom off it that held a very old rickety metal bunk bed and beside it a cot. The outhouse was a fair distance away across the grassy field and under the trees in the forest that bordered the property. Every summer our family of 5 would take the ferry across to Salt Spring Island and live very happily in that wee cottage for 2 glorious weeks. Our stays there made such an impression on me that as a young girl that I ventured to start my first job here on SSI and have never left.

  6. With this weekend the only weekend I have both of my children home, we’re going to celebrate my birthday late by going to the Big City to view the Natural History Museum (dinosaurs and crystals and….). We realized we hadn’t made that trip since my son was little. And I’ve never been without a pack of screaming kids. It should be fairly slow at the museum on Memorial Day like it is at the zoo. My daughter just graduated college and will be moving to Philly at the beginning of June. Picture me running through the house screaming and tearing my hair out….

  7. We will be on The Cape on June 6th 7tb and 8th Im excited we will be staing at “The Moores” in P-town…I am so ready… haha

  8. -Those cabins are so cute though! I’d been seeing so online articles about people deciding all they really needed was a tiny little house like that.

    It won’t really be summer for me until after finals…and then it will be a drive across the continent, from S. California to W. New York. There to enjoy that wonderful thing called “rain” and hopefully a few thunderstorms too! :^)
    Looking forward to working in the yard and hopefully finding some time to go fishing.

      • Thanks Terry. Yes, it is amazing to see so much open space, especially after spending so much time in over-crowded L.A. And east of Texas, it is so green!

  9. We live in a small town (Marion, MA) that’s so nice we can seldom think of anyplace to go that’s an improvement. Occasionally we go to Maine to visit friends and relatives. We stayed a few nights in Emery’s Cottages outside of Bar Harbor — cozy, but big enough for an indoor bathroom! Lovely place right on the shore. But still not as nice as my own comfy home. A sign of age, I think.

  10. We are planning lots of camping trips for this summer! As the tourists head into our seaside town, we are heading out on back roads en route to a quite lake.

  11. These are exactly the type of cabins when I was young my parents, brother, sister and I would stay in for a week at Lake of the Ozarks. Great for sleeping but if a thunderstorms rolled in five people in one of those things gets very very small real quick.
    Sadly they are all gone and now people rent condos for a week. BORING!!!!!

    Thanks for the memories.