1. What a most precious picture. True love with a heart dog and a heart boy. Thanks for sharing. Needed this today.

  2. Despite the fact that Kitty is supposed to be my dog, she does not know that. When my son Joe and I went over on the ferry to pick her up, to bring her home as a new puppy, he looked after her…I was the driver. It was a love match from that moment on….for them. Joe does not live at home as he is all grown but Kitty knows he comes on Sundays and she listens for his arrival. She just about turns herself inside-out with glee when he finally arrives. She smiles…really smiles when she stares at him lovingly and Joe melts. I really do not mind that Kitty loves Joe more….it is gives me so much pleasure watching the joy shared by a boy(man) and HIS dog.

  3. Our german shepherd loves my 10 year old that way. You can see the love in her eyes which is returned, in kind, by her girl. She is a great family dog but her heart definitely belongs to my daughter.
    Happy Belated Birthday to Lily! Long live good dogs everywhere.