Dog in a Hat

At first glance this is simply an old blurry photo of a couple of dogs on a farmhouse porch.

blurry photo


The big dog in front is a classic, basic mixed breed. He’s a good, practical, useful dog.

His sidekick is another story. This pup has a toy dog’s smushed in nose and spaniel ears. He’s clearly a pet.

(Does this remind you a bit of Lily and Scooter?)

But, look again. The little dog is wearing a sweater. And a hat. Look again. It’s not just a hat, it’s a metal helmet with feathers decorating it. Notice, too, that despite the dog’s tongue sticking out, that he carries himself with a regal bearing.

dog in a hat


I’ve no idea what these two are up to. What do you think?

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  1. The big dog is certain that there is something that needs chased off the little dog is content to just watch.

  2. They look very well behaved and eager to have their picture taken. By the way they are groomed and the jaunty hat and sweater…..their person must have been very proud, and loving. Maybe they had a treat coming their way for being such good pups.

  3. It also looks like the little dog is wearing a pair of spectacles. And the architecture of the building is very peculiar. too—almost as if there are two pictures pasted together. Very wonderful. Very fascinating. I’m making up stories in my mind to explain this.

  4. Well, I think that this poor little dog was the victim of a child’s creativity. I think it looks fabulous!

      • My sisters and I dressed many a patient cat in our day. Love this.

  5. I’ll take Ken’s comment, but with a modification:
    The big dog is there if something needs to be chased off; the little dog gives the orders!

  6. I don’t know, but someone’s getting the short end of the stick! I think the little guy looks fabulous- like a clipped version of my old Japanese Chin. He had quite the wardrobe, too. Monty loved every minute of my child’s creativity.