Scruffy Cat

What I love about vintage cat photos is that the cats aren’t groomed and sleek. They’re scruffy. The boy in this photograph has been made to wear his fanciest outfit – heavens, a satin bow and ruffles! His hair is clean (rare in an age when baths happened at best once a week.) But the cat? Nothing slick and shiny about her. The cat looks to be a useful mouser. I can practically hear the self-satisfied purr.

254 - Version 2


  1. I love that even pets were immortalized in photos many years ago. He is a handsome boy and his cat is calm and relaxed. I’m thinking a good mouser also. My own cat has enormous ears and I feel would have presented me with many a critter if she had been an outdoor cat.
    This is a great photo.

  2. Terry does the photo have a name on the back of the boy and cat ? Because I am almost thinking that cat could have been owned by the photographer and maybe was even the mouser for his photographer shop.

  3. Since the cat occupies roughly half of the photo, I imagine someone paid felt strongly enough about his/her presence to pay to have them included. The ol’ furry chin resting easily on a hand is telling.
    We just lost a beloved cat to cancer last week. Wish I could have him back and take his picture 100 more times.