Pony Joy



That pony’s expression, pert ears and squared stance tells the whole story. It’s playtime, but she’ll take care of her charge.

I have a feeling that the photograph was taken right about now, in mid-March. Shedding season! No doubt the children will be covered in horse hair when done. I’m off to the stable later on this sunny day, and I know what I’ll look like when I’m finished grooming Tonka!


  1. Have fun Terry!
    On the way home from watching hares early on a very sunny morning, we saw a little girl on her Shetland pony (her Mum was leading), the girl’s face was an absolute picture of joy and pride! I’m picturing that’s like that on Tonka :-)

  2. Joy indeed….. Feeling nostalgic myself today as I celebrate the 30 years since I gave birth to my youngest children…my beautiful twin boys!! :)

  3. ADORABLE photo! Yep, look at that winter shaggy coat! Terry, have a wonderful time with Tonka!

  4. No need to say “Have fun”, we all know you’ll have a great time. Take pictures!

  5. A beloved pony, is worth a million. I was just watching a video on a former child’s pony whose owner had out grown him and didn’t want to give him up. So she had him trained to a harness and buggy so she could participate and enjoy his company for several more years to come.