1. I love this picture! That is a great old Chevy pickup! The dog reminds me of my dog Laddie, that I had growing up.
    As for the weather, last week here in Missouri we were in the 20’s with snow and cancellations, today in the high 70’s!

  2. I think an old truck looks incomplete without a dog riding shot-gun. Our dog Kitty gets to travel in our very old and decrepit truck with my husband every Saturday on his trip to the coffee shop at our local bakery. She gets a dog cookie while she waits in the truck cab. One such day while Mike was enjoying his coffee and gossip with his mates he noticed kitty looking at him from right outside the bakery window. He got up and put her back in the truck whilst wondering how she got out. The windows were up almost to the top. After returning to his seat in the shop one of his pals said your dog is back to see you. Mike once again took her back to the truck now realizing how she got out. The truck has a gaping hole in the floor boards that is usually blocked off by all the junk he has piled in there. He blocked off the hole, and once again went back to finish his coffee. After telling his pals how Kitty had escaped, one piped up` well your problem is, you need to get a BIGGER dog`.

  3. That looks just like our dog, Oreo, sitting in that truck. And Lesley, “Kitty” is a great name for a dog :-)

  4. WOW! Looks EXACTLY like one of my dad’s old step side trucks. I remember riding in the back (this was way back) going to the landfill and riding around my grandparents place (rural area) what memories! Yes, winter came back this morning with snow! 65 degree weather this past Saturday and Sunday.