Upcoming Events

As winter winds down, my public speaking calendar fills up. This year, what with the publication of The Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook, my schedule is especially busy, which is great! On March 2, I’ll be at the Townsend, MA library to do both a storytime and a chicken keeping slide show. Also in the next two months, I’ll be talking about backyard chicken keeping in Providence, RI and Newbury, MA. Also, I’ll be doing readings and talking about cooking with good eggs at a number of bookstores.

Looking ahead, on June 11, I have a special Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook program at the Tower Hill Botanic Gardens. If you’ve never been to this outstanding garden, this is the excuse to go. Not only do they have gardens and woodland trails and greenhouses, but they also have a lovely cafe. I’ve reserved a table for twelve for dinner before my talk. If you’d like to join me, email me now to reserve your seat.

Once again, I’m offering chicken keeping workshops at my home. Not only will you be able to meet the girls and scratch the goats, but you’ll be able to see my systems, from cleaning, to composting. You’ll see how I handle the hens, and you’ll get to pick up a chicken, too. The first workshop takes place April 5. You can sign up now, here.

For details on all of these programs, and to check in for new ones being added, go to my website’s event page.

I look forward to meeting you!


  1. Terry,
    Oh My Goodness. I just purchased your new book “The Farmstead Egg Guide And Cookbook” as an EBook and was I extremely pleasantly surprised in all the extra information that you’ve given us about chickens over the many years of your experience. It just is a great little book! Of course, I would have liked to have purchased a hard copy and get your autograph but Boston is a great distance from frozen Wisconsin. Thank You so much for what you do. Russmew

    • Thank you for purchasing my book! There’s nothing better for an author than to know that my words are in someone else’s hands and being used.

  2. Can’t wait for your cookbook! Muffin recipe on your other page looks great!