How To Be Beautiful

Not all of us are born with naturally beautiful features.

woman_riding_donkey - Version 3


Not all animals are sleek and elegant.

woman_riding_donkey - Version 2


But beauty, the sort that lifts the heart and makes you happy, isn’t determined by features alone.

Kindness, gentleness, love. Combine those, and this is what you get. Beautiful, aren’t they?

woman_riding_donkey - Version 4


  1. Simply splendid!!! Old photos tell so much more than ‘images’, really any photo for that matter…. but the vintage ones are divine!!

  2. This mule has been lovingly combed, to also look it’s best for the photo. Notice the comb lines on it’s hair!

  3. She is as beautiful as she feels and she feels gorgeous…so pleased to have her picture made on her handsome steed.

  4. A beautiful photo! Thank you for this post. As a female, I often feel almost crippled, being bombarded by the “beautiful” flawless young faces in magazines and on television…it’s good to see “the whole picture”! :^)

  5. She is looking very confident and happy…..that is beautiful. No photo shop here. It’s real! Wonder what she was thinking? Who is she sharing her beautiful smile with?

  6. I just picture the person behind the camera. Was it her loving husband? Her child?

    And it usually seems like pictures back then were taken when something really worth remembering happened. Did they just purchase that donkey? Was it her birthday? Or were they just people who loved life and decided to make every moment count?

    These are my absolute favorite photos. Thanks so much for sharing.