Yearly Egg Chart

I keep a daily record of egg production. I found an unused, vintage chart on eBay, that I copy and use each year. For 2013 I had two up on my kitchen bulletin board – one for the Gems and one for the ladies. Today I’ll be tallying up how the girls did and reporting on that later in the week to you.


As my New Year’s gift to you, below is a scan of the chart. Click on the graphic and it will pop-up as a PDF for printing out.

I wish everyone baskets of beautiful eggs in 2014!

Taylor Egg Record


  1. I found this online quite by accident and have been using it for the last 2 years. I love it! It is a great way to keep track and if you know your particular hens eggs (shape, color) you can keep track of their “egg health.”
    Yours is a cleaner copy so I will print it out and use for 2014. Thanks Terry!

  2. The new girls are popping out eggs all over the place so I will keep a tally! Thank you!

  3. And we think spreadsheets came in with Lotus 123! Love the advertisement on the top. Happy New Year.

  4. Oh, thank-you! I saw the title of your post in my Blog reader and thought, “I wonder if she’d share that nifty chart?” Then I opened your post and received the very gift I wished for!

  5. Hi Terry! I’ve seen you blog about this chart in the past, and I’m printing it out right now. My one question was, when you chart the eggs each day, is it the total about of eggs collected that day? Thank you for sharing :)

    • Yes, it’s the total. But, you could print out as many charts as you want and keep one per each bird if that interests you.

  6. Thank you for the handy-dandy egg chart! I will be a great tool for keeping track of my girls’ laying habits.

  7. What a wonderful gift. I have been keeping a running daily tally of my gals egg production on a basic 12 month calendar. But now I can keep the same info on just one sheet. How much easier is that!! Now I can see the entire year in one quick look. I will still use my monthly calendar for specific production on each hen (7 ladies), but I love, love, love, this easy to use version. Terry, you are such a special gift, also, to all of us who are trying to do our very best for our feathered gals. Tons of thanks, and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours.

  8. Hey Terry, This is so cool ! I have 25 hens and 7 roosters right now. The largest flock I have ever had. 30+ years. I also have two old girl horses that live with them. :) My hens are happy but I worry every night. Tonight we are supposed to get down to 25 below 0 yet they somehow survive it. I have so many “chicken stories”… like one of my roosters who would come to the back sliding door of the house every morning, knock, come in despite three Boston Terriers , walk thru the kitchen like he owned the place, 15ft or so, jump onto a side cupboard where the cats are fed, fill his belly then exit one happy bird !! They are so smart and fun to have around ! Well, headed to do afternoon chores ! Happy New Year !

  9. Thank you so much for the chart. I couldn’t remember where I found last years and was not looking forward to making up my own. I haven’t tallied up last years yet. However it seems a few weeks disappeared during the course of the year so it won’t be exact.