Pie Party By The Numbers

33 crusts (4 graham cracker, 4 lard, 8 butter, and the rest shortening-butter.)

26 pies baked.

40 guests.

20 pies set out.



A bit of this and that leftover (but no chocolate.) A total of 18 pies consumed



2 pies made from a recipe clipped from a magazine was so sweet that it wasn’t served. However, the chickens thought it fine.



2 days of clean-up. All worth it.



  1. Love the fact that the chickens had a pie party of their own, and that the people pie party was such a grand success!

  2. Well at least having a dish washer helps some. I know starting in mid December and January, we are adding on to our house and my mom is thinking of adding marble counter tops to her kitchen. How do you like them Terry ?

    • I have granite. Marble is beautiful but stains. Both granite and marble stay cold (good for pastry) and can handle hot pots set down on them. Love the granite.

  3. I am imaging the conversation as the chickens eat pie, i.e., “will this make my butt look fat?” ….. And so on.

      • Is there anything more hilarious than a chicken with their fluffy butt in the air? Another blogger refers to it as “chicken underpants” which slays me every time.

  4. Sounds like fun. I have never given my girls sweets before. Wasn’t sure if I shoud. I bet yours loved the pie. I made your pie crust from your posting on apple pie. So good. I typically have used a shirtening butter crust. so how do you know when to use all butter versus shortening butter version?

    • I rarely give the hens sweets, but I couldn’t bring myself to throw the pies out. They were mostly buttermilk, butter and sugar, so I’m hoping the calcium and protein will balance out the sugar! As far as deciding which crust to use – the all butter is a tad richer and softer, but you can use them interchangeably. However, although all shortening can be very flaky, it lacks that dessert-rich flavor of using butter.

  5. Terry, LOVE the pie dinner concept, rather than the whole entire turkey deal! Also, am so in love with your LONG LONG granite counter top! I would love to have one myself! Hope your Christmas is wonderful. I have so enjoyed your blog this year!

    • Also note that I have two heights to the countertop. I’m only 5’2″, so the counters that I work on are a few inches lower than standard. When you do a lot of baking, you want to have them at an ergonomic height. I have permanent shoulder damage from having cooked in professional kitchens designed for tall men.

  6. O.K. that’s it! I’m going to have to make a pie (never made one before but you’ve inspired me.) Love the blouse you’re wearing, by the way.

  7. Terry, do you prepare/cook all the pies. Just curious how long it takes you to bake all those pies and are all pies sweet or some savory?

    I may try my hand at hosting an annual pie party just not so sure how to coordinate the event.

    • I do all of the pies and all of the crusts. I blogged about how I organize the pie party here. This year, four were savory and the rest were sweet.