1. LOVE this!! The Rooster was obviously a VIP in that family along with the boy, for them to be elevated on a table for picture taking!!

  2. LOL! Not sure who looks more cranky, the child or the rooster! Guess neither one was thrilled with the picture taking session.

    • You may be right – those don’t look at all comfortable. And where is his left hand? Nice looking rooster – I wonder what breed he might be. His comb looks almost like a crown. Or a buttercup.

    • That’s what I thought too – it makes more sense to me, what with him being a rooster who is instrumental in the production of new flock members.

  3. Maybe the inscriber was french and the pronunciation is Duplica-toe, although duplicator in french is actually duplicateur. Who knows. Anyway, the picture is priceless.

  4. Oh my! LOVE this photo, and LOVE the name of the rooster! People are so darned clever!