Vintage Cocktail Apron

Here is Apron # 3 from my collection.



There was a time when a housewife was advised to greet her husband at the door in her best dress, with a cocktail in one hand, and a flirty, gauzy apron around her waist.



The chickens on my apron look like they’ve been drinking those martinis!


I’m more likely to greet Steve in my barn clothes, with a mug of hot cider, which suits both of us. Tomorrow’s apron fits in with that farmgirl life.


  1. I can see high heels and red lipstick with this one! I do a ton of sewing, mostly quilts and quilt items but also some clothing and doll clothing. I looked yesterday at novelty fabric’s and they still have some pretty cute one’s to purchase. Many are farm related too. I’m thinking I should make some apron’s because “someday” they might be collected by someone like you and me who appreciate these kind of things. Maybe girls will start to cook/bake again too! You don’t need an apron for a crock pot and microwave!

  2. I love the old McCalls pattern you shared with us! I am enjoying the daily additions, and I hope we get to pick first, second, third, and runner up places, at the end!

  3. Yup, those chickens are pre-marinated. The apron is a hoot. So evocative of the fifties.