Vintage Apron # 2

Back in the heyday of aprons, you could buy novelty fabric made for the purpose, and quickly sew up a cute one. My sewing skills consist entirely of being able to stitch a straight line with my simple machine, but even I’d be tempted with this material.

Everyone is kicking up their heels!



The pigs are having a party.



The cows are having their morning kaffeeklatsch.



Only the farmer looks harried.



I can relate to that.



  1. I love this one too! She’s wearing an apron also! I’m saving these photo’s. I’ll be moving soon so won’t be sewing until January again but I’ll send you the photo of the Hen apron when I get it made.

  2. I’ve been called an “old soul” by many a relative. I love old things and I use them.
    I love old fabrics. I seek out old dish towels, pillow cases, quilts etc and more specifically those that have been embroidered.

  3. These aprons are wonderful. I think the cows look as though they are on drugs, but that is one happy pig!

      • Hear, hear! Awesome boots, Terry! And that apron is too much of a find. That’s what I’d call an Atomic Age Apron!
        (I have an embarrassingly “disco” apron: it’s terrycloth, probably synthetic, with the zodiac printed on it…)

  4. Me too love the boots. Boots always make the outfit……especially cowgirl boots!!!