Vintage Apron #4

Here is a practical, wipe your floury hands on the cotton sort of apron.




It’s got the classic mid-century color combo of drab green, turquoise and salmon. I doubt that the fabric designer had ever seen a real chicken (what’s with those three lines coming out of the roosters’ rears?), although somehow, the energy of a flock of chickens was perfectly conveyed.




I love how the fabric depicts a peaceful evening in the barns. Nary a mischievous goat, nor pecking hen, nor farmer in sight. Calming and yet cheerful, isn’t it?



(For those paying attention: the boot are brown Stetsons. Should I do a post of my cowgirl boots?)


  1. This one is fantastic! Love the colors, and the stylized “representations” of chickens.

    My favorite part of this apron is the border clearly inspired by cornstalks. Or maybe it’s the little hay trailer in the barn…

    I really like this apron series of yours. You have one vote for boot-posting!

  2. Yes, I love cowgirl boots! I wear a black pair of Justin’s, a brown pair, that we used to call Harness,or Dingo boots, and I even have a pair by Durango that are FFA boots, because I was a farm girl, way back in high school. When I was admiring the FFA boots with the embroidered Future Farmer logo on them, reminiscing…. the sales clerk asked me if I had a student in vocational agriculture? I said,”me”, a long time ago, she smiled and gave me a 20% discount! Ha!

  3. The color of this apron is great! Yes, post about your boots! I finally have some of my own cowgirl boots…just got them a couple of years ago (they have the look of a riding boot). I had always liked and wanted a pair but never bought any even after having a horse for 20 years but now that’s about all I wear.

  4. The chicken’s of the 1950 had a lot of character! Love this one too.

  5. Forgot to say none of the barn cams are working today, only the new one.

  6. I like this one too….It would go perfectly with MY kitchen colours. This blog reminds me of one of the now retired local news casters. Wayne Cox used to have a substantial collection of Hawaiian shirts and wore a different one for his nightly forcasts all summer long. He used to rate the weather using H shirts on a chart….more shirts equaled better weather. His fans would send him new shirts and some of them were flashier then others(shall we say)….. He did this for years and it became his trademark. Just think…you could become the apron lady of chicken bloggers. :)

  7. You are definitely stylin girl! Nice collection…no excellent collection!!