My Vintage Apron Collection

Having worked in restaurant kitchens and bakeries, I believe in practical tools appropriate for each task. That even applies to what I wear. An apron is essential cooking gear. This is my apron of choice.


But, there are times in the kitchen for a bit of whimsy and charm. When I’ve finished most of the cooking, but still have a few last-minute tasks, and I’ve changed into nice clothes, and guests are on the way, that’s when I pull out one of the vintage aprons from my collection. I have a baker’s dozen to share with you. All are homemade. All are well-used. Most are still worn by me.

Today’s apron is this little appliquéd green charmer.


The mama hen is a pocket! Just look at how active her embroidered feet look.


I’ll be sharing an apron a day with you for the next two weeks. Let me know which ones are your favorites!


  1. I just love aprons; but I never wear one. My grandmother and then my mother after her always wore aprons. Not sure why I never picked up the tradition. Your cute apron inspires me to pick it up now!

    • Have just gotten into Aprons. Having ruined far too many clothes, aprons are the logical conclusion. Do not wear my best apron, but have made several from thrift shop fabric; they protect my clothes, give me pockets when I need them, and provide a nice carry-all when I’ve got too much produce in the garden, or too much of just about anything! Thanks for bringing back aprons!

  2. I love/want the mini green one! Although, I need to have a little cover on the top too. Terry, do you cook in your fancy cowgirl boots too? Waiting to see others…..

  3. I just love the hen pocket and chicks! I’ll be borrowing that idea for an apron if you don’t mind. Of course the aprons I make have tops because that’s the part I always find gets the worse of the flour. I always wear an apron and also have a vintage collection that I wear and have some hanging in the kitchen. It just gives that homey look. I do have an apron shaped like a chick in an egg…the top being the chicks head. It’s pretty old so I’ve been thinking I should use it for a pattern now and make a few new ones over it. I’ll be watching to see all your aprons!

    • I have plenty of stained shirts from not wearing bib aprons. Send me a photo of your apron after you sew it, would love to see!

  4. I love, love, LOVE this blog! My fave aprons there are the gauzy one and the last frilly one. Brilliant…and I can feel some chook apron making coming on as soon as I can find some nice fabrics!
    Great boots as well!