On this Veteran’s Day, take two minutes in silence in gratitude and respect for those who have, and still are, serving in the armed forces.

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Veteran’s Day has turned into a day of shopping, and it is up to all of us to keep it a day of remembrance. I will be sending a donation to NEADS, which supplies service dogs to disabled combat veterans (as well as to the deaf, a cause that is personal to me.) Do you have a charity appropriate to Veteran’s Day? Please tell me about it here.


  1. Very much enjoy that picture. Has patriot marked all over it. I don’t donate to a Veteran’s charity. I just put in the box when I see them out. I do have a couple of charities I do donate to. One, I donate to regularly is St. Judes Hospital for children. They were very good to members of our family at one time and do very worthwhile work there. NEADS sounds like a worthwhile charity. Would like to thank all Veterans for their service and wish them a Happy Veteran’s Day and to Little Pond also.

  2. I also donate to NEADS, my parents are both deaf (my mom passed last year). Several of their friends have hearing dogs. They do wonderful work. I contribute to FISHER HOUSE, they provide free/low cost housing for families of service members receiving medical care so they may be with their loved one while receiving treatment. I also contribute to Operation Migration, folks and volunteers who are attempting to bring back the Whooping Crane population. I support HenCam. HenCam is my daily therapy because there is nothing better to put a smile on my face as when I am watching a bunny, hens and goats! Yes, thank you to all Veteran’s for their service to this country.

  3. Terry,
    A friend of ours, Karen Jefferies, retired Navy, started Veterans’ Moving Forward.
    They raise service and companion dogs for placement with veterans. She has more energy than a puppy and more determination than just about anyone I know. They also sell adorable calendars to raise funds.

  4. Thank you terry, so correct it has turned into a monday sale day, a disgrace.
    Id like to take this chance to say,
    Thank you dad, even though you are no longer here physically. I thank you for the 4 years you spent away from your home in world war two, to keep us all safer.
    And to all veterans
    Thank you

  5. DAV Disabled American Veterans. Some battle scars cannot be seen. My Father returned from WWII with mental issues that apparently he did not have before. He was in the Pacific Theatre. When he was called off a ship that was carrying soldiers to the theatre, he came off because the Red Cross was notifying him of the birth of his first child.
    While he was off that ship it was attacked and most on it were killed. An uncle suffered a similar fate. He was on the beaches of Normandy. Some of his fellow soldiers were blown to bits all around him from land mines as they tried to advance. When he returned he was a basket case and never recovered but lived as graciously as he could for the rest of his life. War is Hell. I salute all the men and women who do put their lives on the line for the rest of us.
    I also salute the soldiers of Israel. Had they not faced every enemy that came for them there is no telling what would have happened to this and other nations. If the Arab nations had driven Israel into the sea, I hate to think what the fate of this nation would have been. When the Israeli soldiers had to cross a desert full of land mines, suddenly a strong wind storm came and when the dust settled there was no sand left and the mines were all exposed. Those soldiers were able to cross the desert safely.
    I think it was during the 7 day war. Everybody, when you pray for our soldiers remember to pray for the soldiers of Israel.

  6. Many Thanks to all the Veterans! We support Fisher House, Wounded Warriors, and DAV. So many great men and women who have served and are serving now. God Bless you all!

  7. I set a “White Table” every year here at school and we horor someone who has lost their life in service. It is the only thing I do where ALL the kids are interested and ask tons of questions and actually listen. The book I use is called..”America’s White Table” explains what each thing on the table means. I learned about it from a friend of mine who lost her Dad in Vietnam.