The Goat’s Costumes

Asking you what the goats should dress up as for Halloween was the most fun contest I’ve ever run! Selecting a winner wasn’t easy.

The goats would make very good musicians. They’ve got the Blues Brothers attitude, and the beards of ZZ Top. Many of you suggested having them go as a superhero and his sidekick. But which one would be Batman and which Robin? Which Watson to the Holmes? I wouldn’t want to incite any more sibling rivalry than what already exists.

Some ideas were so clever. Dress them up as chickens so that they blend in with the flock! I can imagine any number of characters from Star Wars. And how cute would they be as Clydesdales?

I thought that they’d look fetching as hula dancers, although an edible costume that includes flower garlands and grass skirts wouldn’t last long enough for even a five-minute photo shoot.

Finally, I decided that since the idea of wearing a costume is to transform into something that you aren’t, I will be using Rebecca’s idea of making them devils in disguise. I will dress the boys as angels.

Stay tuned.



  1. Angels! What a super idea… because they are, aren’t they? You little angels Terry :-)

    I’m already picturing halos and wings… I can’t wait!


    PS trying to dress my furry studio assistants in costumes would be a disaster waiting to happen!

  2. Now I don’t feel so silly. Last year my daughter and I tried to dress up one of the chickens as Little Bo Peep. Can’t say we completely succeeded but it was alot of fun (for us).

  3. My favorite idea was “chickens” -and I’m still trying to think of how you could do this…But angels will work very well!

    • She is never not under the weather, but like the ancient and ailing girl that she is, she wants to sit quietly in patches of sun. This morning it was in the coop in the corner.