Costumes for the Goats?

I love Halloween. Not the bloody, gorey, scary Halloween. I love the funny, charming, clever, sweet Halloween. The pumpkins, the cornstalks, the cheerful ghosts and the little children in oh-so-adorable costumes. I can no longer dress up my sons, but I still have boys around. Last year I bedecked the goats in Halloween ribbons. It was simple and silly (and they stood still long enough in their collars for me to take a photo!)



I’m looking for ideas for this year’s goat costumes, and want to hear from you. As an incentive for you to put on your thinking caps I will send a surprise gift (a little of this and a little of that and in the spirit of the sort of Halloween that I like) for the suggestion that I deem the best. Selecting the winner will be totally arbitrary on my part.  I’m not much of a seamstress, and I probably won’t actually make the costumes, so don’t be limited by practicality. Send me your craziest, funnest, most over-the-top ideas in the  comment section below. I can’t wait to read them!

I’ll select a winner by the end of the week.


  1. Quick & easy: buy those cone-shaped birthday hats that have the elastic chin-straps = Party Animals :)

  2. OOOoo. I think you should paint their horns red and make little red capes for them to wear. They are horny little devils of a sort!

  3. How about going to a costume store and buying them each a mask? One could be Obama and the other Netanyahu. If you had to you could cut a large enough hole in the mask for their noses to go through. One of the funniest things I have seen is a person sitting on their porch with a bag over their head. A big grocery paper bag with cut out eyes and a hole for the nose to breathe. Of course they may eat the bags before you could take their pictures. You could drape a white sheet over both of them with cut out eyes and a breathing hole. Ghosts! Or you could turn them into the Budweiser Goats (Clydesdale Goats) just by wrapping something furry around their ankles. You could use crepe paper and cut the strips half way up to make the shaggy part. You could hollow out some pumpkins, cut out eyes and a mouth and put them on the goats heads. That would really be cute. Have fun with what ever you choose to do. I can hardly wait to see them.

  4. I can’t look at the goats (even out of costume) without laughing. I can’t wait to see what you decide. I have no brilliant ideas about costumes, but I can completely see horny little devil (Jamie above) or Karen’s idea – black cape, bow tie, top hat. I would like to be watching when you try to get the boys to wear top hats. =) If you can get them to wear top hats, some little vampire fangs and a bit of fake blood on their beards would complete the Dracula look.

  5. Maybe some large over-sized glasses and those “boppy” headbands… or grass skirts, leis and coconut bras. :-)

  6. I just came in from having a “relaxing” time with the goats (blink and Pip took down part of a stone wall and Caper pruned the roses) and I have read your suggestions thus far and am howling with laughter. Chickens! Coconut bras! (But you know what would happen to grass skirts.) Keep them coming.

  7. Just because I love this story I think they should be Tinker Bell and Peter Pan.

  8. I have had this picture as my screen saver since last year. It makes me so happy each day to awake or go to sleep to these two little bundles. I am thinking black and orange tu-tu’s. You can find those fluffy little garments in most stores now. They have elastic so you can slip them right on. Maybe add a set of wings. Little devils in disguise. No matter what they will be “Spooktacular”!!

  9. Since Leslie beat me to the “chickens”, I suggest Moby Dick and the Pequod. Captain Ahab is too scary. If you are not into sewing, you could paint boards and hang them on their sides like advertising signs.

  10. That’s the calendar October pic!
    I love the afore mentioned little devil idea, but what comes to my mind are Kermit and Miss Piggy – icons from the best years of raising my boys.

  11. I think they sorta resemble the guys on Duck Dynasty….so……perhaps darkening their beards, and put them in cammo!

  12. Well, I was too late, your cute picture with the Baseball hats, ruined my first idea! Ha!
    I had to laugh about the Duck Dynasty one, but you probably would’nt want to color their beards!
    I remember the pirate look that you did before, that was fun!
    How about The Lone Ranger and Tonto?!!!!

  13. Oh you should do some of those costumes I see for dogs all the time. Where they look like a little person. How cute would a goat-faced Superman be??

  14. As for who would be the Lone Ranger and who would be Tonto…. you would know best by their personalities! Johnny Depp was Tonto, so Hey?!!!! Tonto could have a fringed collar, headband and feather, The Lone Ranger- a cowboy scarf tied around his neck, and a black mask, and a kid’s cowboy hat! When I was little I liked being the Indian, when we played Cowboys and Indians, the boys will be cool with that! They are friends and will always fight to protect each other, just like Tonto and the Lone Ranger! Course… they are Brothers , sooooo Blues Brothers?!!! Dress them with a black and white collar, like a shirt and suit coat would look, and dark glasses. You would have to find the right kind of hats, though!
    Tonto and the Lone Ranger would be easier to guess “who”, I think!

  15. I think they would look good with pointy little wizard hats and billowing black capes.

  16. These two are good looking enough to be Butch and Sundance. Cowboy hats, kerchiefs, tiny western boots….

  17. Just dress them up as cowboys! :) It’s simple, and you can have fun with it!

  18. With their most excellent beards, some cool dark shades, a dark beanie (or hat)…. they are definitely entertaining enough to be Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. Rock on goat boys, rock on!

  19. I’m thinkin’ Pip has a definite YODA look, maybe Caper as an Ewok. You could strap a couple of flashlights to them for light swords.
    Getting those two to both look, both pose, and catching Pip in the middle of conversation was a photographer’s miracle. Great animal shot, even if I am a bit prejudiced towards Hencam. Calendar material.
    Abraham Lincoln came to mind with the beard and ears. Again Pip is well “suited” for several things.
    Good luck.