Thank You

The girls are grateful for the pumpkins and thank their HenCam friends who have provided them. The hens got a new pumpkin this morning. Yay! says Misty.



Even Grand Old Buffy toddled over to have a go at the squash. I love this flock. Everyone let her have her space to enjoy the treat.


They are thankful from the tips of their beaks to the bottoms of their (very full) bellies.


  1. Thank you for the pictures Terry! Love that you caught Misty’s beak open, makes me smile. It warms my heart that the Literary Ladies let Buffy be, so that she may have her share. I’ll be watching for FULL crops today!

  2. This character-filled, yet tolerant flock is a reflection of their Flockmistress. Glad to see them enjoying something it will take days to figure out and peck out. So much better than one big treat gorge-fest.

  3. I can’t get over how healthy and beautiful your chickens are. I’m sure the added effort of giving them excellent care and nutritious treats are the reasons. It encourages me to do a good job taking care of my hens. We went to a animal swap this weekend. There were two men there with many chickens. It broke my heart. The roosters and hens did not look like ours. Several had heads and wings drooping. I’ll not go into more detail. but so sad. Many people around my area don’t give the same care to their chickens. Their not considered pets and do just enough to keep them alive. I’ve been watching Buffy and she is a dear old lady. Beatrix and Owly keep me entertained chasing sparrows out of the run. Hencam still my favorite go to site.

  4. Aw, Buffy! The Literary Ladies are very sweet to let the older hens have some of the treat.