Funny Food

NOTE: this contest is closed! Which is a good thing as I got very, very hungry reading the entries. Joan is the lucky winner! is one of those retro and stylish blogs that posts a daily serving of eye candy. Recently, it showed off photos from a ridiculously silly book, aptly titled Funny Food. It’s by husband and wife duo, Bill & Claire Wurtzel (© 2012 Welcome Enterprises, Inc.) The book is based on breakfasts that Bill has made for Claire over the years. The love comes through.



I contacted the publisher to tell her how wonderful I thought it was to have a book with a fried egg bird on the cover. We agreed that there should be a giveaway here on HenCam. Because, really, I know that all of you will jump at the chance to win a book with art like this:



(If you try making egg people yourself, would you take a photo and email it to me? Please?)

To win a copy of Funny Food, leave a comment here and tell me about your favorite breakfast. One entry per person. For additional chances to win, tell your friends on your social media of choice (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) then come back here and tell me that you’ve spread the word. On Sunday, October 27, I’ll pick a winner using a random number program (so telling me about an elaborate breakfast won’t increase your chances to win, but it will make me happy.) I’ll contact the winner via email (and announce it on Facebook and here.) Unfortunately, this contest is only open to addresses within the United States.

Even if you don’t win, you can have a piece of Funny Food art for yourself. Go here for free, downloadable posters.


  1. My favorite breakfast is easy, yummy, and doesn’t make a mess. I put a slice or two of cheddar cheese on a tortilla, along with a generous dollop of salsa, and heat it in the microwave until the cheese melts (45 seconds on mine). In the meantime, I fry an egg, loosely scrambled (in that I break it and half-heartedly mix it in the skillet). Once the egg is cooked, I put it in the tortilla and fold it up.

  2. My favourite breakfast is cooked by someone else. :) But I love to make poached eggs and serve them on thick white bread toast on top of cooked spinach. This was my Granny`s speciality and I am continuing the tradition.

  3. Randomly diced potatoes, fried in a good half or three quarters inch hot Crisco/bacon grease mix until the tips are crisp, but the insides are soft, with over easy eggs, salt, pepper and onion powder…a family favorite for generations.

  4. Eggs Benedict, made with our fresh eggs, and homemade hollandaise. Doesn’t look nearly as cute as the book, but mmmmm.

  5. My best breakfast was these mourning street my daughter was born. My God mother stayed with us, and she made sausage, eggs, and fried potatoes. I was famished from all the work i had done the day before.

  6. my favourite breakfast consist of 4 eggs and waffel made with Bob’s red mill buttermilk waffle mix useing cocnut milk and walnut oil, and then topped with pecans and bananas and a maple syrup.

  7. Eggs that make me smile and thank our girls. We made egg mcmuffins for our breakfast and the girls had scrambled.

  8. Eggs from our girls are the best breakfast! Either fried or scrambled with toast, homemade apricot jam and coffee. If I’m feeling like something fun, I’ll shred some zucchini and scramble that in my eggs for Green Eggs.

  9. My favorite breakfast is 1/2 a waffle, an egg over easy, a crossant and lots of crispy bacon.

  10. My favorite breakfast is served late, preferably 10 am, and is as many things just picked from the garden, along with fresh eggs gathered that morning from my chickens!
    I will have stir-fried peppers, onions, squash, tomato,with chives sprinkled on top, before serving, and if I’m really lucky, we will have some grapes on the side. A side of artison fresh baked bread, toasted with butter, finishes it off! I have to have a glass of milk with that!
    Sorry, I don’t do Facebook!
    I don’t miss it, but I do miss out on valuable information, since everyone else seems to post there first these days!

  11. My favorite breakfast is just about anything that I eat on a leisurely Saturday or Sunday morning, with coffee, sitting outside, soaking up the sun and crisp cool air, and enjoying all the critters. Whether it’s blueberry pancakes or fresh eggs fried up on toast with some olive oil and truffle salt, or warm from the oven coffee cake, or just a regular piece of toast with jelly… if it’s a leisurely morning at home, I love it.

  12. Organic scrambled eggs and whole grain toast with homemade rasberry jam. My cockatiels, my little chickies, love this too!

  13. Two eggs over easy, hash browns, sourdough toast, hot tea and orange juice at any decent restaurant, preferably for my evening meal.

  14. Eggs… always eggs. My family loves eggs cooked all ways and at all times of the day. I especially love eggs poached medium, with toast or Benedict.

  15. I have two breakfasts I really enjoy! bagels,lox and cream cheese with red onion and a juicy tomato slice; the second,two eggs scrambled with cheddar cheese,sautéed mushrooms,onion,spinach,zucchini and summer squash.yummy

  16. 2 fried eggs, bacon, hash browns, biscuits with my homemade fig jam.
    I love breakfast.

    oh yeah, cup of good strong coffee.

  17. Well, I have to have my oatmeal but for special mornings I love the fix ahead egg casseroles — sometimes with bread, sometimes with hash-browns.

  18. My favorite breakfast is a Feta Omlete with Cinnamon Sugar Toast, and ice tea.

  19. Huevos Rancheros for holiday breakfasts. Gluten-free waffles made by my husband on a Saturday morning. Or cheesy grits with a few shakes of Tabasco or Frank’s and a fried egg from one of my girls. And hot chocolate!

  20. Poached eggs with cheesy grits and fresh sliced tomato or a beautiful omelet with green chilies with a biscuit or crispy english muffin.