HenCam Calendar

I’m selecting photographs for the HenCam 2014 calendar. I have a year’s worth of photographs, and yet there are very few that are good enough to make the cut. Why? you askThe chickens are beautiful and the goats are charming. You must have thousands to choose from!

I do have many, many photographs. There are pictures of Beatrix hogging the camera.



There are photos of goats with dirty noses.



There are photos of a rabbit NOT staying still for the camera.



But, I’ve manage to select a dozen images and Steve is doing the technical stuff necessary to turn them into a computer file and get it printed. I’ll let you know when it’s ready!


  1. I love the photos of Phoebe & Beatrix. Both are so curious/cute. ;)

  2. Been waiting for this news. Thanks and excited to see it.

  3. HOORAY! I am so excited Terry. Thank you so much for doing this again!

  4. So glad your doing the calendar again. I will definitely get one and you recipe book coming out also. Love Owly’s and Beatrix’s chin and cheek feathers. Yesterday was a great pic of Owly looking up and showing off her chin feathers.

  5. Every other calendar has perfect photos of perfectly posed animals. I’d *love* to see a real-life calendar, with blurry bunnies, photobombing chickens and goats with dirty noses!!!

  6. You mean to say Pip sticks his nose in where it doesn’t belong? I am shocked.

  7. Goats always have such a sweet, friendly expression. Like dolphins. It reminds me to put a slight smile on my face more often!

  8. I agree with the other commentators. I love these 3 pictures and would enjoy a calendar with their silly, sweet faces. I am certain the ones you do pick will be outstanding.

  9. Hi Terry, me again….. Tonight was my pamper night so I settled in a hot bath and leaned back to read my favorite magazine “Chickens”. Last time I read an issue of this magazine was six months ago. I opened it for the first time and saw several henkeeper’s articles and thought to myself, “they should have Terry in here.” I turned the next page and wahlah there you were bigger than life. I thought this was a good magazine. They know to go to the experts. The article was great. So tonight I opened my new Sept/Oct issue and started to read the first article by a Rachel Anger. I thought to myself again, they should get Terry to have a column in the magazine every time they publish one. I turned the first page and wahlah there were the words Twinkydink, Edwina and Terry Golson. Yep, just where it should be. The article was great too, esp. about the part of euthanasia because this hits home with me. It’s a part of chicken keeping I didn’t know existed. I worry if the time comes. Thanks for always being there, even when not expected. Did I tell you I was approached by the Nielson Group. I didn’t say anything, but you were mentioned. It didn’t work out with me, but I’m hoping they will approach another one of your followers. Bless you Terry.