Birthday Pie

Apples from here


went into this. Steve’s Happy Birthday Apple Pie.



This is one of the versions of apple pie that I’ll be teaching in my Pie Baking Class. See how flaky that crust is? You can do that, too!



It will be gone by tomorrow. I do so like pie for breakfast.


  1. Do you eat your apple pie for breakfast with Cabot’s sharp cheddar? Yum, Yum.

  2. Oh yes a big slab of Cabot or Grafton Farms or Sugarbush Farm. We can even secure those gems here in TN…..all except for the Sugar Bush. I love pie for breakfast……a sweet pie or even pizza pie!!!!! I wish I lived closer to come to the pie class. I would pay just to watch the process and have a piece of pie. My husband thinks Steve is a very lucky man.

    • What is that they say? Apple pie with out out cheese, is like a hug without the squeeze.

  3. Gosh, look how flakey that crust is. Pie looks scrumptious. Happy Birthday Mr. Steve.

  4. Happy Birthday to Steve! The pie looks great. I’d love pie with this morning’s coffee. Since I figured out my pressure canner this late summer (I’ve had it 35 years, since before having kids, but never was together enough to do real canning) I plan to pick apples here locally and pressure can them. The orchards are about 15 minutes away. I will can apple pie filling and by golly will conquer the fear of failing at pie crust once and for all!

  5. Oh, yeah. Pie and coffee in the morning. Nothing better. I see Phoebe and Lily enjoying the crisp fall weather.

  6. Happy Birthday Steve! Thanks to your IT abilities we all get to share in your celebration & hencam :) Enjoy your awesome looking pie.