Pie Baking Class

I love baking pie. I enjoy the process of turning butter and flour into flaky crust. I love the rustic, free-form quality of fruit pies, and how even the most elegant of pies retains a casual demeanor when baked in a pie plate. But, I realize that many of you have  pie-phobia. Rolling a crust makes you tense. Fruit pies have you obsessing about runny fillings. That’s a shame, because with a little mentoring and a little experience, baking pies can become a joy for you, too.

I will be teaching a pie baking class in my home kitchen on Saturday, October 26. You’ll be going home with an apple pie, and a lot of confidence! Class size is strictly limited to six students, so if interested, sign up soon.

For more details, and to register, go here.

pie construction


  1. What a beautiful pie! And the perfect time for a class on my favorite fall food – PIE! I wish I lived on the same coast. :-(

    • Me too……I should have paid more attention to my Gramma when she was making her pies. But I must admit, I enjoy being outside in the garden getting my hands dirty, more then baking. I admire you though, Terry, as you seem to do both inside and outside things with equal aplomb.

  2. This is so unfair. I love apple pie and yours looks scrumptious! Would love to live closer.

  3. Terry you are truly a “Goddess”. You can handle quirky hens, goats, stink bugs, mites, spiders, gardening, doctoring,etc,etc. Then you put on your chef hat and whip up sumptuous meals and elegant desserts. WOW!!

  4. I bake lots of pies for my kids and grandkids and shutin friends. Kohl’s sells a pan that has 4 small pie pans in one pan…just right for one person. This Saturday, I’m baking 2 blackberry pies and a peach cobbler for my family’s gettogether . The excuse to get together this time is to paint the chicken house, and I have a new horseshoe pit set up in the orchard so we will have a horseshoe tournament with prizes. Any excuse for a family dinner.

  5. Oh, my! What a glorious creation! Terry’s quintessential fall apple pie with cinnamon and nutmeg apple slices piled high within a soon-to-be flaky, golden crust. And the crowning glory of a shiny, sugary crust embellished with maple leaf crust cut-outs! Life is good ~ ~

  6. Terry..I wish I had the money to fly out and come…I do have the said “phobia”…I am terrified of “crusts” and things “falling out”..I need serious help…..LOL

  7. Hey! If your class goes over well…which I have no doubt it will…the next step may be an instructional video for those who can’t attend you class!,what’s one more project on your plate!, your IT Guy could do a DVD we could purchase!

      • Maybe Jacob could video tape it? I’ve watched some of your videos on youtube. Their great. Last one I watched was you giving Betsy a bath. It was so informative and cute. Betsy is such a doll baby. Maybe do one on apple pie baking and see how it goes? Just a thought I’ve had many times of different things you do. You do a lot and have many hats. Of course if people bought your video they might not come to your class. If I lived close by I would come to the class anyway just for fun.

  8. I have to. eat gluten free and I am a little too far away, but I miss pies and I wish I could be there!

  9. Terry~~for those of us who can’t make it to the class because of location, could you/would you please share the crust recipe?