Apple Picking

It’s apple picking season, and so we headed out to Harvard, Massachusetts to my favorite U-Pick orchard.



There’s no petting zoo, corn maze or hay rides. What they do have is a wide variety of fruit.




And dwarf trees that are full of perfectly ripe apples that are easy to reach.




There’s a map to tell you where the different apples are, but the trees don’t have signs. You’re told to “taste your way through.” We did.




There are apples for eating out of hand,




and apples for baking.




But, despite all of the tasting, after loading up the car, we had one more stop.


I came home with 3 bags full of apples (and a small bag of a half-dozen donuts.) I’ve already made two big pots of applesauce;  containers are in the freezer. Today is Steve’s birthday. I’m baking him a pie.


  1. Those apples look wonderful. Nothing like a fresh from the tree piece of luscious fruit. Now about those donuts……
    Birthday Greetings to Steve!

  2. I’ve been picking Honey Crisps myself. I peel and halve them, then roll them in softened whipped butter and then in brown sugar, cinnamon and lemon zest, and wrap them in sheets of puff pastry rolled thinly. Little beggar’s purses, a bit like little individual apple pies. They freeze on a half sheet pan and once frozen, I wrap each individually. They last all winter and can be pulled out when guests show up unexpectedly, or when I just feel like a simple dessert.

  3. Happy Birthday Steve!

    “The Lord bless thee, and
    keep thee; the Lord make
    His face to shine upon thee,
    and be gracious unto thee;
    The Lord lift up His
    countenance upon thee
    and give thee peace.” Numbers 6: 1-2

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with your choice of orchard! We go to an old family farm in Wells Maine and its nothing but apples, buzzing bees, and cows mooing. Happy birthday Steve and enjoy that pie!

  5. Those apples look amazing..I am thinking those cider donuts would be worth the calories! LOL!

  6. Oh my goodness, all of the thing that can be baked and made with apples… BUT for the time being I can have NONE :-(…
    You see I just quit smoking, I am on day 4 of no cigarettes, which may not seem like a big deal BUT I was/am a pack and a half a day smoker, and I have stopped cold turkey… I am actually doing well I’m not really craving at all or have desire for one…. BUT for the sake of not gaining weight I have also decided to temporarily, but way back on candy and baked goods or anything that i feel has an abundance of fat, just till my metabolism equals itself out, then i will less concerned about gaing weight… I actually have replaced candy and the like with granny smith apples and a shmear of peanut butter, so i will still enjoy apple in some capacity…


    • Good for you Jonathan! I found day 4 the hardest but have not looked back since 1976… all the best to you! Enjoy `all` the apple treats….you deserve it!

  7. That looks like a wonderful orchard for picking apples. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!! I know you’ll love the pie Terry bakes.

  8. I love to pick my own fruits and veggies. Which varieties of apples do you find best for baking – especially pies.

  9. Mmmmm donuts and pie! Apple cider donuts are the only ones for which I’ll even consider using the calories. Happy Birthday Steve! Enjoy the day(and the pie)!

  10. Thanks for the tip about Phil’s U-Pick. Their website says they sell unpasteurized cider. I have been looking for that for ages. Have to take a trip out.

  11. And a very happy birthday to Steve. I envy him the birthday pie. (Got so excited about the cider, I forgot about the most important part.)